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TCW097 2xTL5-28W HFS 220V 50Hz

Written By Distributor Lampu Philips PT Savont Varavi IND on Friday, January 17, 2020 | January 17, 2020

TCW097 for wet and dusty environments In humid and dirty industrial conditions, luminaires offering protection against the ingress of water and dust are crucial. Effective lighting in such environments not only maximizes productivity but also helps minimize accidents and promote the comfort and well being of the worker. 

TCW097 waterproof luminaires are especially designed for use in industrial environments such as the food and beverage industry, power plants, sawmills, cement plants, slaughterhouses and other industries where the level of dust and humidity is abnormally high. Its IP66 classification as well as a robust structure and design delivers optimal light output necessary to maintain good working conditions. 

TCW097 for general interiors Uniform lighting is essential for large areas with a high density of human and traffic, such as car parks, passageways and warehouses. Fluorescent luminaires are the best solution to illuminate these areas to enhance safety and security. 

TCW097 comes with a choice of either TL’D or TL’5 lamps which combines a pleasant light color with natural color rendering, high efficacy and a long life. Its sturdy polycarbonate framework delivers durability and makes this luminaire impact-resistant. Moreover, only basic tools are needed to install TCW097 making installation quick and easy

TCW097 1xTL5-14W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 1xTL5-14W HFS 220V 50Hz
TCW097 1xTL5-28W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 1xTL5-28W HFS 220V 50Hz
TCW097 1xTL-D58W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 1xTL-D58W HFS 220V 50Hz
TCW097 2xTL5-14W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 2xTL5-14W HFS 220V 50Hz
TCW097 2xTL5-28W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 2xTL5-28W HFS 220V 50Hz
TCW097 2xTL-D58W HFS 220V 50HzTCW097 2xTL-D58W HFS 220V 50Hz
TCW097 1xTL-D18W HFS 220V 50Hz TCW097 1xTL-D18W HFS 220V 50Hz 
TCW097 1xTL-D36W HFS 220V 50Hz TCW097 1xTL-D36W HFS 220V 50Hz 
TCW097 2xTL-D18W HFS 220V 50Hz TCW097 2xTL-D18W HFS 220V 50Hz 
TCW097 2xTL-D36W HFS 220V 50Hz TCW097 2xTL-D36W HFS 220V 50Hz 

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