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For today's rapidly changing world
Philips Lighting Controls let you manage energy costs. And more.
Inefficient use of light can easily lead to energy waste. Philips’ interactive lighting controls can help you save on operational costs by ensuring the correct lighting level for the task at hand. 
Think of preprogrammed timers and light sensors. Think of presence detection. Think of dimming or brightening your lighting in response to changing levels of ambient light. Think the creation of complex lighting ‘scenes’ and custom-made ambiances to enhance user comfort, or help with color and brand enhancement.
Philips lighting controls can be networked in with other automated systems such as security cameras, traffic lights, fire alarms, climate control and building access systems.
Philips OccuSwitch occupancy detector family -
Simple solutions for demanding installations
Simple energy savings
with OccuSwitch

OccuSwitch is a stand-alone movement detector that switches lights off when an area is vacated. A simple,yet effective way to reduce energy consumption by up to one third. OccuSwitch also has a fast payback time, a low total cost of ownership and helps you to comply with the latest EU building directives.

It’s a versatile solution that helps you to maximize energy savings wherever it’s installed. Compatible with any type of luminaire or lamp, the highly sensitive movement detector is not only perfect for offices, but also for storage rooms, toilets, corridors and lobbies, as well as spaces that are only occassionaly occupied during the day.

OccuSwitch features daylight override as standard, which prevents the lights from being switched on when there is sufficient daylight. But with the option to include daylight switching you can improve its energy-saving potential even further. The advanced version can be used in parallel occupancy mode (up to 10 units).

The Occuswitch is a movement detector with a build-in switch. It will switch off the lights in a room or area when it is vacated and thus save up to 30% of electrical energy. The Occuswitch can switch any load up to 6 A and control an office area of around 20m2.
A detachable mains connector enables easy installation and mounting of the Occuswitch in the ceiling.
A separate Wieland cable is available for easy, fast and trouble-free installation.
The Occuswitch family exists of:
LRM1070 Basic Occuswitch
LRM1080 Advanced Occuswitch
LCC1070 Wieland cable
LRH1070 Ceiling mounting box

Movement detector with a built-in switch. Occuswitch can switch any load up to 6A and control an office area of around 20 m². A detachable mains connector enables easy installation and mounting
of Occuswitch in the ceiling. A separate Wieland cable is available for easy, fast and trouble free installation. LRM1080 is the same but with parallel operation (up to 10 OccuSwitch units), local override and absence mode.

The Occuswitch is designed for use in offices and similar applications, including toilets, storage rooms, etc. It is optimized for recessed ceiling mounting and for mounting heights between 2.5 and 3.5 meter.
The surface box allows surface-mounting as well, with either recessed wiring or surface-mounted ducts.
The advanced Occuswitch can be connected in parallel (max 10)
to cover larger area’s like open plan offices. The use of different mains groups or even phases is no problem.
Applications (continued)
The Occuswitch’s detection pattern (see drawing) is 4 by 5 meters for small movements (desk work) and 6 by 8 meters for larger movements like walking.

Detail other lighting control beside OccuSwitch, you can see below : 

Standalone Lighting Controls, Sensors and Accessories
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913700312003LRL8102/00 HIGH BAY SENSRSensor & Accessories
913700318403LRM8114/00 SENSR MOV DETSensor & Accessories
913700324703LRM8118/00 ACTILUME EXTENSION SENSORSensor & Accessories
913700339603LLC1655/00 ActiLume 1-10V SwitchboxActiLume 1-10V Systems
913700339503LRI1655/00 ACTILUME 1-10V Sensor 100 cmActiLume 1-10V Systems
913700638991IRR1654/00ActiLume DALI Systems
913700638891IRT1670/00ActiLume DALI Systems
913700182182LRL1220 TL5ActiLume LuxSense
913700182282LRL1220 TL-DActiLume LuxSense
913700357703LLC1682/10 ActiLume Wireless 1-10V gen2ActiLume Wireless Systems
913700348703LLC1685/10 ActiLume Wireless DALI gen2ActiLume Wireless Systems
913700330303LCC1070/00 PIR T-CABLE 3POccuSwitch
913700328003LRH1070/00 SENSR SURFACE BOXOccuSwitch
913700350003LRM1000/00 OS MOV DETOccuSwitch
913700350303LRM1020/00 OS MOV DET CorridorOccuSwitch
913700350503LRM1030/00 OS MOV DET Switch 3 wireOccuSwitch
913700350903LRM1040/00 OS Move Det IP55 240 dgrOccuSwitch
4415 389 00005LRM1061/00 OccuSwitch Surface MntOccuSwitch
4415 389 00004LRM1071/00 OccuSwitchOccuSwitch
913713610514LRM2510/00 PIR HIGH BAY HV SENSROccuSwitch
913700353003LRM1763/10 OS Wireless Multi SensorOccuSwitch Wireless
913700352003LRM1765/10 OS Wireless Corridor sensorOccuSwitch Wireless
913700351603LRM1770/10 OS Wireless Corner sensorOccuSwitch Wireless
913700351803LRM1775/10 OS Wireless Wall sensorOccuSwitch Wireless
913700346703LCN8600/00 MultiOne interface USB2DALIService & Support
913700359203LCN8650/10 MultiOne interface USB2ZigBeeService & Support
913700338603UIA8550 TOBETOUCHED PSUTBT Accessories
913700335203UID8510 TOBETOUCHED IRTBT User Interfaces
913700335303UID8520 TOBETOUCHED DIM DALI (90-260V)TBT User Interfaces
913700335403UID8530 TOBETOUCHED CT DMXTBT User Interfaces
913700335503UID8540 TOBETOUCHED COLOR DMXTBT User Interfaces
913700358403LRH8600/00 Surface mounting box for dimmWall Box Dimmers
913700355603UID8600/00 1-10V DimmerWall Box Dimmers
913700355703UID8620/00 DALI DimmerWall Box Dimmers
913700355803UID8670/00 LED dimmerWall Box Dimmers
913700341003LFC7500 Amplight CPUAmplight modules
913700341103LFC7510 Amplight CurrentAmplight modules
913700341203LFC7520 Amplight SwitchAmplight modules
913700341303LFC7530 Amplight BatteryAmplight modules
913700341403LFC7540 Amplight MBUSAmplight modules
913700341503LFC7550 Amplight RS485Amplight modules
913700341603LCN7581 Amplight Mini PT Dual antennaAmplight additional hardware
913700341803LCU7590 Amplight 3 phase coilAmplight additional hardware
913700341903LCU7591 Amplight Leak CoilAmplight additional hardware
913700346503LFC7580 Amplight CPUGuardAmplight modules
913700342503LFC7560 AmpLight EuridisAmplight modules
913700342603LFC7570 AmpLight PLC+Amplight modules
913700342703LCN7582 Amplight antenna DC-M 1mAmplight additional hardware
913700343303LCU7596 Amplight Transf. 10kVA_230VAmplight additional hardware
913700343403LCU7597 Amplight Transf. 15kVA_230VAmplight additional hardware
SW913700345503AmsCPU - BasicSoftware Service
SW913700345603AmsCPU - Advanced MonitoringSoftware Service
SW913700345803AmsCPU - Monitoring & DimmingSoftware Service
SW913700346003Hosting & Fix Connectivty costs per cabinet per yearSoftware Service

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